Starrigavan Recreation Area

Harbor Mt. seen
from Starrigavan
Recreation Area


Four different trails along with a campground and artesian well are all located in the Starrigavan Recreation Area. Two of the trails have been developed to allow access to wheelchairs, one has been designed for ATV use, and the fourth is a hiking trail.

Seasons: All

The roads in the campground are closed to vehicles when they are icy.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Elevation Change: Slight to Moderate

Route Finding: Easy

Trail Condition: Very Good to Good

Getting There:

Follow Halibut Point Road to its end to find the Starrigavan Recreation area.

Things to See

  • A wide variety of habitats can be observed in a relatively small area.
  • The area is frequented by many different species of birds, as well as deer, bear, land otter, and mink in the various habitats.
  • In the late summer and fall, salmon swim up Starrigavan Creek to spawn.
  • Second growth thinning demonstration plots can be seen with informational signs along the Starrigavan Valley trail.

Trail Distance (one way)
Time (one way)
Forest and Muskeg Trail .75 miles
20-40 minutes
Estuary Life Trail .25 miles
10-15 minutes
Starrigavan Valley
Mosquito Cove 1.25 miles (loop)
45-90 minutes

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