Heart and Thimbleberry Lake Trail

Heart Lake

Connor and I did the trail from Heart Lake to Thimbleberry Lake on bicycle today. This is the first time I’ve been on the route since the new trail was opened this last May. I’ll need to do a fair amount of revision to the Heart Lake and Thimbleberry Lake Trail sections of the trail guide, as the trail is significantly different than the old trail it replaces.

The trail is about as wide as a road with a slightly raised middle portion. It consists of well-packed dirt and rock with a couple of bridges on the Thimbleberry Lake side. Several benches were placed alongside the trail, and a dock with skiff on Heart Lake is a noticable new addition, as well.

The trail is pretty steep in a few places, but there are no steps, as it is intended that this trail be used by mountain bikers and cross country skiers in season. I was not able to pedal up the steeper sections with the trail-a-bike, though I think I would have been able to make it on my own. I’m sure the trail-a-bike was not intended for off-road use, but it seemed to do all right on this relatively tame trail. Connor thought the bumpy ride going down hill was fun.

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