Indian River Valley

I hiked up Indian River Trail a couple of miles before venturing off the trail to look around in the west valley. It was a great day for hiking, with sunny skies and comfortably warm temperatures. The trail was in good condition. I imagine the trail will stay pretty nice until the rain and wind … Read more

Starrigavan Recreation Area

We took a family walk on the Forest and Muskeg and Estuary Life trails yesterday. We parked at Old Sitka walked the two trails and connected the loop by taking the road side path back to the parking lot. It was a nice afternoon walk. Despite threatening clouds, we did not get rained on, and … Read more

Mt. Edgecumbe

Recently I had the opportunity to go on a hike with a group of people from UAS. Although I have been up Mt. Edgecumbe before, it had been several years since I had last made it out that way. That last time I made it over to Fred’s Creek and the trail was in July … Read more

Middle Sister

Yesterday was my brother’s last full day in town, and he was interested in doing a backcountry hike in the sisters. On what may end up as the warmest day of the year (the temperature got up to 75 in town), we headed out around 9am to climb the Middle Sister. It took us 4 … Read more

Harbor Mountain to Gavan Hill

My brother and I hiked Harbor Mountain to Gavan Hill today. The weather was decent. It was sunny on the drive up, though that did not really last on the trail. There was no rain and the clouds were mostly up above us, though occasionally we were in them. If anything, the wildflowers were even … Read more

Mosquito Cove Hike

My brother and I went for a hike around Mosquito Cove trail this afternoon. I wanted to see if there were any interesting slime molds, as I had seen several slime molds along the trail around this time last year. I was a little disappointed, as I saw evidence of slime molds that were already … Read more

A Wet Day on Indian River Trail

My brother and I hiked up Indian River valley yesterday. We were on the trail up past the second bridge and there doesn’t seem to be any problems with the trail to at least that point, though it was a bit muddy due to the rain. It is August, which means the pink salmon have … Read more