Crab Bay to Kamenoi Beach

Kamenoi Beach and Kamenoi Point

Scott Harris asked me if I wanted to go with him to check out Kamenoi Beach as a possible site for his COASST project observations. So we left Crescent Harbor a little after 9am. It took us a bit less than an hour to make the trip to Crab Bay. There is a mooring buoy located here for those staying at Brent’s Beach Cabin.

From Crab Bay, we followed a set of undeveloped but well used paths through the woods to bypass the drift logs, windthrow, and steep slopes at Kamenoi Point to reach Kamenoi Beach. We just walked to the south end of the beach before making our way back to Crab Bay and the boat.

Some years back, I hiked south along the shoreline for at least a couple of miles and I know others who have hiked at least as far as Fred’s Creek. Between Crab Bay and at least Shoal’s Point to the south, the Kruzof island coastline makes for a relatively easy and interesting backcountry route.

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