Crescent Harbor Seawalk

The newest trail in town is the Crescent Harbor Seawalk. It was substantially completed last fall, but has continued to see small additions this winter. Starting at the Crescent Harbor Parking lot, it follows the water along the harbor (with a spur out along the breakwater), before turning inland slightly to pass along the street side of the Sitka Sound Science Center. From there it once again follows the water to its current end just before Merill Rock. It’s my understand that it ends where Sitka National Historical Park property begins and the park has plans to extend the trail to the main entrance.

Connor, Rowan and I walked the trail this morning. It’s a nice walk with consistently wide sidewalk and yellow cedar board walk. There are also several benches along spread throughout. It will be interesting to see if the boardwalk sections eventually need to have some traction enhancement, but for now they seem fine. The trail will no doubt get a lot of use from summer visitors, but it’s already popular with locals out for a stroll.

(.7 miles)

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