Blue Lake Road

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More often thought of as a road to drive on, many people also walk or bike Blue Lake Road, especially in the winter when vehicle access is restricted.

Seasons: Late Spring through Winter

The road is open to public vehicular access from early April through early November most years. Between November and April bicycle and foot traffic is allowed. In some years there are significant avalanches along parts of the road that can make them inaccessible or dangerous (most commonly in early spring).

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Elevation Change: Moderate

  • The first section of the road is a significant uphill stretch. This is followed by a more level portion before the road goes downhill towards Blue Lake Campground. The road from the Campground area to the Blue Lake overlook consists of another sizable hill.
  • Many individuals may find the hills strenuous to bicycle up. Some may find it strenuous to walk up.
Route Finding: Easy

Trail Condition: Very Good

  • In late winter and early spring avalanches may completely block the road.
Getting There:

Follow Sawmill Creek Boulevard to the Sitka Industrial Park and turn left up the gravel road just before the large concrete clarifier tanks. If you get to the bridge over Sawmill Creek, you have gone too far.

Things to See

  • Views of Silver Bay
  • Avalanche tracks
  • Mudslide zones
  • Blue Lake Campground
Connecting Trails

Heart Lake Trail

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