Muskeg View

View from Trailside Bench


A relatively short hike along a popular trail close to town. Indian River is often visible through the trees as the trail parallels it through century old second growth.

Distance and Time: 1.5 miles; 45 min to 1 hour (round trip)

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Change: Slight

  • The total elevation gain to the muskeg is probably less than 30 feet, but there are some slight ups and downs along the way.
Route Finding: Easy

Trail Condition: Good

  • The trail is well maintained board walk and gravel although there may be some mud.
Seasonal Notes:


  • Look for early spring flowers starting in April along the trail and May in the muskeg.
  • Look for skunk cabbage shoots that have been
    nipped by deer.

  • Flowers bloom throughout the summer.
  • During late July and August the pink salmon run up the river to spawn. Look for them where the trail passes near the river. (Look for bears as well.)

  • In early fall the smell of rotting salmon can be powerful.
  • Southeast Alaska is not known for its fall colors, but on a small scale, there are often a variety of colors in the muskeg.

  • Icy bridges and board walks can be very slippery.
  • Snow conditions are similar to those in town. Most winters the trail will be snow free except after recent snowfalls.

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