Heart Lake Trail

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Heart Lake Trail


A short somewhat steep trail leads from Blue Lake Road to Heart Lake. The trail continues around the lake following a powerline corridor over a low saddle to Thimbleberry Lake where it connects up with Thimbleberry Lake trail. Currently the connecting trail is poorly developed, though there are plans to upgrade it.

Seasons: All

In winter Blue Lake Road is closed to vehicle traffic, so it is necessary to walk a short distance up the road to reach the trailhead.

Difficulty: Moderate

Elevation Change: Slight/Moderate

  • The trail climbs up about 200 feet from the trailhead to the lake. The steeper parts of the trail consist primarily of stairs.
Route Finding: Moderate to Easy

  • Parts of the trail between Heart Lake and Thimbleberry Lake may be difficult to follow.
Trail Condition: Moderate to Poor

  • The trail to Heart Lake has been improved in recent years, but the trail between Heart Lake and Thimbleberry Lake is generally unmaintained.
Getting There:

Drive out Sawmill Creek Boulevard to Blue Lake Road. A short distance up the road there is a small turn out on the left. There is not currently a sign, but the trail to Heart Lake starts here.

Things to See

  • Wildlife including bear, deer, toads, and a variety of birds can all be seen in the area.
  • Heart Lake

Destination Distance (one way/round trip)
Time (one way/round trip)
Heart Lake .25 miles/.5 miles
10-20 minutes/30-40 minutes
Thimbleberry Lake 1.5 miles
45-90 minutes
Connecting Trails

Thimbleberry Lake

Blue Lake Road

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