Gavan Hill Trail

Gavan Hill Trailhead

Summary: With a trailhead close to town, and access to excellent views from above the tree line, Gavan Hill is one of the more popular trails in Sitka. It is well known locally for the abundance of steps that were put in place to help control trail erosion.

Seasons: All – In winter the snow can be quite deep along the trail, especially above the tree line.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderately Difficult
Elevation Change: None to Significant
Route Finding: Easy
Trail Condition: Moderate to Good (wooden stairs have begun to break down)
Getting There: Access to this trail is easy downtown. Follow Baranof Street up past Market Center and the Presbyterian Church to where it ends at a cemetery. The trailhead has a small parking lot near the cemetery. It is also accessible from other Cross Trail access points, including Indian River, Pherson Street, and Sitka High School.

Things to See
Muskeg habitat along the early part of the trail.
Excellent views from Gavan Ridge.

DestinationDistance (one way/round trip)
Time (one way/round trip)
Muskeg Viewpoint.05 miles/.1 miles
2-5 minutes/5-10 minutes
Overlook1.5 miles/3 miles
0.5-1.5 hours/1-3 hours
Gavan Ridge2 miles/4 miles
.75-2 hours/2-4 hours
Gavan Summit3.5 miles/7 miles
1.5-3 hours/3-6 hours
Harbor-Gavan Shelter3.75 miles/7.5 miles
2-4 hours/4-8 hours
Harbor Mountain Parking Lot6.25 miles
4 – 8 hours

Connecting Trails
Harbor Mountain Trail
Sitka Cross Trail

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