First Bridge

Bridge Across Indian River


A nice hike on the first couple of miles of Indian River Trail. The first bridge crosses the West Fork of Indian River just up from the confluence of the East and West forks of Indian River. There is a decent flat open area for a small picnic just across the bridge.

Distance and Time: 3 miles; 1-3 hours (round trip)

Difficulty: Easy

Elevation Change: Slight

  • The total elevation gain to the bridge is around 100 feet, but there are some slight ups and downs along the way.
Route Finding: Easy

Trail Condition: Good

  • The trail is typically well maintained boardwalk and gravel although there are occasional puddles and some short muddy patches.
Seasonal Notes:


  • Look for early spring flowers starting in April along the trail and May in the muskeg.
  • Look for skunk cabbage shoots that have been nipped by deer.

  • Flowers bloom throughout the summer.
  • During late July and August the pink salmon run up the river to spawn; look for them where the trail passes near the river. (Look for bears as well.)

  • In early fall the smell of rotting salmon can be powerful.

  • Icy bridges and board walks can be very slippery.
  • Snow conditions are similar to those in town. Most winters the trail will be snow free except after recent snowfalls.

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